My Grandparents Garden

To me the love for gardening probably started out from my grandparents. Both my parents see gardening as a pain so I didn’t get my love for it off them. My grandfather used to have his own allotments but due to him getting older, has had to give it up and grows mainly in the garden. Here are a few pictures from the garden –







He has gone a little bit tomatoe and runner bean mad, but as he says “only grow what you eat”. The sunflowers are all my grandmothers, she is the flower grower of them both.

I hope you have enjoyed this post on my grandparents garden.


8 thoughts on “My Grandparents Garden

  1. gardeninacity

    Thanks for showing us! I had the opposite experience. My parents liked to garden (though my dad was pretty clueless about it), my grandparents were pure city people and wanted nothing to do with it.

  2. Crafty Gardener

    I have enjoyed looking through your blog. That is a lot of work you did on the raised gardens but it will be worth it. What a great little treasure you found, hope you find out something about it. I think I got my love of gardening from my grandad too, though both my parents were gardeners. I know I got my love of growing runner beans from my uncle who had lots and lots of them just like your grandad.

  3. badamsprdu

    I love when ideas and passions skip a generation and grandparents inspire grand kids. I recall my Grandpa gardening in his white dress shirts and ties. He was an impeccable dresser and a detail-oriented gardener. He passed when I was 5 but these were some of my favorite memories of him.

  4. mrmuddyg Post author

    I am going to put netting around it, the dog is always in there. Thanks for all the comments, I am always up my grandparents house and love being out their garden.


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