Raised Bed – Part 5 – Lined Up and New Seeds

Today I got out into the garden much earlier since I won’t be able to this evening. I used some connectors and screwed the wood together, I didn’t get a chance to screw it on to the bed though as the rain came.


I am very impressed with how it is looking though and can’t wait to put it in.

I have also received my seeds back that I ordered from Premier Seeds Direct and Lawn UK

The ones from Premier Seeds Direct are the White Clover that I will be using for Green Manure.

DSC_0661 DSC_0660

The Seeds from Lawn UK are a mixture of wildflower, specially mixed for Bumble Bees.

DSC_0662 DSC_0663

Both sets of seeds cost me 99p delivered and I will be testing them out tomorrow.

Also tomorrow I will be putting the raised bed together and putting it into place, leaving just the soil sieving and getting hold of manure.


6 thoughts on “Raised Bed – Part 5 – Lined Up and New Seeds

  1. Early retired and happy person

    Really enjoying your blog and your progress. Clover is a good green manure but it can be a bit invasive too. The bees love clover flowers – as I found out yesterday when I put my hand in a clump right on to a bumble bee and got stung! My allotment is a heavy clay soil and for the last few years I’ve used phacelia as a green manure. I put it on when I clear a patch of soil, let it grow and then cut it down before it flowers, dig it in and, hey presto, I now have gorgeous, pliable soil that the vegetables seem to love. If you leave it to flower, the bees go crazy for it. If you read up on green manures we should be using different ones for different crops. Nah! Just use what you find best.

    1. mrmuddyg Post author

      I read that too, but I went for the bee friendly clover for that reason. My soil is currently sandy due to the debris and rubble in it, but will be lovely when I finish with it.


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