Pallet reclaiming and seed testing

Today I haven’t done much out in the garden. I put all the plants out to bask in the sun –


The spinach has started showing signs of life –


I stripped down a pallet and had a surprisingly large amount of usable wood from it –


Just need to get hold of some more now.

I also test planted the green manure and wildflower, using the clean dirt from the garden –


Hopefully another nice day for flower basking again tomorrow.


8 thoughts on “Pallet reclaiming and seed testing

  1. Kevin-Andrew

    Enjoy your reclaimed pallet wood! I had two pallets of dirt delivered this past weekend and I was rather excited about using them for a project. However, the delivery people took them away while stating some regulation as to why I could not have them. Absolute rubbish!

    1. mrmuddyg Post author

      I was lucky enough to know someone who had one laying around. I’m going to gather a load of wood in, then try and make some sort of shed with it.

  2. bestillandknow101

    Nice finding your blog today. Nice garden areas. Here on the shores of Lake MIchigan in USA I have much more land, but I only use a small area for my vegetables. Most is open fields which I like, but I do love home grown vegetables. Jack


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