Monthly Archives: August 2017

23.08.17 – More Strawberrys

I split 3 plants up into 19 more strawberry plants, I’m still unsure of the names but I know one of the plants was a white variety as I grew them from seed a few years ago.

That takes me to about 35 plants. I need approximately 60 altogether to fit into my vertical planters I am making .

I do plan on getting a variety of different coloured strawberries ready to grow next year.

I’ve also brought my grapevine indoors to bring it on over winter.

I was also given a wheelbarrow, it needs a bit of doing up, so another project to keep me going. It’s in full working order, just real flaky paintwork.


17.08.17 – Strawberrys for the planter tower

So after picking up the downpipes on Tuesday and cutting the holes into one of them, I decided to start potting up all the strawberry plants I have in the garden.

This is from just the ones randomly around the garden –

These where the ones with little to no root so have put them in water and am hoping for the best –

Tomorrow or Saturday will be the trough I was given by my aunt, I’ll pot the shoots first then go from there – 

My neighbor is having a patio layed so when I seen this pallet on top I had to have it, it will make an excellent raised bed –

15.08.17- pre work update

So yesterday I acquired a strawberry plant (unsure of the name) and some mint cuttings ( also currently unsure of type) they where potted up in the greenhouse yesterday and still look ok this morning.

Today I should be getting 3 pieces of down pipe to get me started with vertical strawberry planters. Hopefully bringing g up the yield of strawberries from about 4 -5 to a lot more than that.

New home, New garden

So almost 3 years since I last posted, I have moved into a new house with a bigger garden and have recently acquired a greenhouse so have decided to start gardening again, mainly to get my girls into gardening.

It’s still a work in progress and has got a lot more work to do but I’m hoping to get it ready for next year to start growing nice and early.