Raised Bed – Part 3 and Sieving

So after yet another rainy start to the day, I didn’t get out into the garden until 5pm. Also today I got my father to bring down all the wood for the raised beds, along with the tools required for the job. Also these photos are taken with the ipad, I normally use my phone, a Sony Xperia S.


Unfortunately there is only enough scaffolding to do the back, front and one side. So will need to source another plank. A nice picture of the pro layout I used to get measurements.




This is all I got done of the bed though, the drill I was using died so had to put it on charge then decided to move on to the hard part – Sieving.



Here is the setup I had going, the sieve placed over the bucket and just kept going until the missus called me in for food.




The green bucket is the rubble taken from the ground, This will be used in all the gaps in the fence, I will get photos of this tomorrow. The yellow bucket, pure dirt with any worms that came out to visit.

photo(2) photo(3)

Since tomorrow is fathers day, I doubt I will be out in the garden at all, so will at least make up some plans.

Raised Bed – Part 2

After another very bad start to the day, I thought the garden was off the cards today. To my great surprise, at about 2:00pm the sun came out for a visit, it even got warm too.

So here is how the area started off –



And after about 2 hours of digging this was the end result –



These are some of the larger stones I dug up from the raised bed section, quite surprised at what was down there in all honesty.



In all I took 3 buckets of rubble up to the recycling plant, as they where to small for me to use again.

There will be an area behind the raised bed that |I will block off from the dog and build up as an insectopia.

Tomorrow is going to involve me sieving the area to get rid of as much glass and slate as I can, don’t want a cut hand in the future. The wood for the raised beds are lined up and just waiting for my father to deliver them to me.

The only other thing for the bed then is manure, since the dirt is poor I need to find someone local to get it from, so that will be my aim for next week.

The Garden Transformation, Has Started.

Well what a finish to the day, raining when I started digging and sun when I finished.

For all that noticed I was posting on twitter today whilst out in the garden.

Before I started digging, I went to borrow some tools of my grandfather, the Wellington Boots he gave to me, they  took ages to clean out the little crawlers from inside though.

Spade and ForkWellington Boots

Here is the patch when I started –


And the end result –

Tilly in the trench.

All Tilly done was run through the mud, being a nuisance and generally getting in the way. But she is my little mascot.

Here is the bucket of worms I collected, as to save them from getting injured during the dig, I also have a suspicion that a previous owner has at some point demolished a shed and put it under the garden, as I found a lot of rubble, lots of broken glass and even some roof covers. I couldn’t really get the roof cover out though.

DSC_0613 DSC_0614

What I have gathered from todays dig, is that the ground is really sandy, so will incorporate manure into the ground and plant some green manure as soon as possible.

Once I dig out the next section and incorporated manure into the earth, I will be putting a raised bed around it and filling it in. My aim is to get it all ready for next year, since I was late starting this year. That doesn’t mean I won’t carry on growing though.

And while digging I found this –


Any help on what it is would be much appreciated.

Todays Aim – Clearing the Grass

Later on today I plan to go to the bottom of the grass patch in the garden and dig it all over. The majority of the grass is either dead or just dirt, so there isn’t any reason not to.

This will also be the area that I will use to plant for this year, so will also incorporate some manure into the area.

The biggest problem will be to stop the pest from digging it up.

Also known as Tilly, the 2 year old Jack Russell Terrier, who loves digging in the garden.

Plant Details and Photos.

Even though we have had horrendous rain today, saved me doing any watering mind, I went out and finished re-potting and putting seeds in. As promised I have gathered a list of the names of plants I have got, along with some photos.

This is what the garden currently looks like. The grass has only just been cut, hence the deadness.


Here is the £10 greenhouse form Wilkinson’s to get me started.


The Grape vine, Geraniums and Lavender.



And closer photos from inside the greenhouse.

DSC_0600DSC_0601 DSC_0599 DSC_0598

Here are the plants that I have currently got in the greenhouse and out in the garden –

Lettuce – Cut and come again
Sunflower – Unknown
Strawberry – Unknown
Chilli Pepper – Cayenne
Chilli Pepper – Jalapeño
Chilli Pepper – Super Fresno
Spinach Picasso F1
Pansy – Swiss Giant Mix
Petunia – Multiflora F2
Garden Mint
Garden Mint Cuttings
Grape – Muscat
Upright Geranium – Red
Upright Geranium – Pink Bi-Colour
English Lavender

The Current To-Do List

I will try and keep up to date with this to-do list and try to refresh it every weekend.

So far left to do –

  • Finish designs for the shed.
  • Finish designs for the garden layout.
  • Re-pot all current plants.
  • Put the greenhouse in a sunny spot.
  • Get a list of full names of the plants I bought.

The current shed designs are in Prototype 1 stage. I will hopefully post them after stage 2 or 3.