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Raised Bed – Part 6 – Set in and Rubble Clearance

I have now put the raised bed into the ground, it went in pretty easy, only moving the odd few over sized stones.


And it is looking good just need to clear all the rubble, glass and other debris to make it safe now, so a labour intensive job.
The sieving is going well though as I am about half way through, this is the amount of dirt I have cleared –



The bag is almost full to the brim, should be done by the weekend though. I’m only going down about a spade width, that should be more than plenty when full.

Also I only had one problem with the raised bed, the board is slightly twisted, so it pulled the screw out, nothing major though.


Tomorrow I will be testing out my new seeds using the dirt from the ground and bag, to see how it will grow.


Raised Bed – Part 3 and Sieving

So after yet another rainy start to the day, I didn’t get out into the garden until 5pm. Also today I got my father to bring down all the wood for the raised beds, along with the tools required for the job. Also these photos are taken with the ipad, I normally use my phone, a Sony Xperia S.


Unfortunately there is only enough scaffolding to do the back, front and one side. So will need to source another plank. A nice picture of the pro layout I used to get measurements.




This is all I got done of the bed though, the drill I was using died so had to put it on charge then decided to move on to the hard part – Sieving.



Here is the setup I had going, the sieve placed over the bucket and just kept going until the missus called me in for food.




The green bucket is the rubble taken from the ground, This will be used in all the gaps in the fence, I will get photos of this tomorrow. The yellow bucket, pure dirt with any worms that came out to visit.

photo(2) photo(3)

Since tomorrow is fathers day, I doubt I will be out in the garden at all, so will at least make up some plans.

The Garden Transformation, Has Started.

Well what a finish to the day, raining when I started digging and sun when I finished.

For all that noticed I was posting on twitter today whilst out in the garden.

Before I started digging, I went to borrow some tools of my grandfather, the Wellington Boots he gave to me, they  took ages to clean out the little crawlers from inside though.

Spade and ForkWellington Boots

Here is the patch when I started –


And the end result –

Tilly in the trench.

All Tilly done was run through the mud, being a nuisance and generally getting in the way. But she is my little mascot.

Here is the bucket of worms I collected, as to save them from getting injured during the dig, I also have a suspicion that a previous owner has at some point demolished a shed and put it under the garden, as I found a lot of rubble, lots of broken glass and even some roof covers. I couldn’t really get the roof cover out though.

DSC_0613 DSC_0614

What I have gathered from todays dig, is that the ground is really sandy, so will incorporate manure into the ground and plant some green manure as soon as possible.

Once I dig out the next section and incorporated manure into the earth, I will be putting a raised bed around it and filling it in. My aim is to get it all ready for next year, since I was late starting this year. That doesn’t mean I won’t carry on growing though.

And while digging I found this –


Any help on what it is would be much appreciated.