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15.08.17- pre work update

So yesterday I acquired a strawberry plant (unsure of the name) and some mint cuttings ( also currently unsure of type) they where potted up in the greenhouse yesterday and still look ok this morning.

Today I should be getting 3 pieces of down pipe to get me started with vertical strawberry planters. Hopefully bringing g up the yield of strawberries from about 4 -5 to a lot more than that.


New home, New garden

So almost 3 years since I last posted, I have moved into a new house with a bigger garden and have recently acquired a greenhouse so have decided to start gardening again, mainly to get my girls into gardening.

It’s still a work in progress and has got a lot more work to do but I’m hoping to get it ready for next year to start growing nice and early.

26/05/2014 – Long time coming update.

So after who know how long I have started back out in the garden. Even with the neglect I have been showing it, it has come on since last year.There are a few dead patches in the grass that im clearing up. Here are a few update pictures –




As you can see the green manure has really filled this patch up and looks much better.


The bug corner is coming on really well too.


Here is the raised bed with some freshly dug in manure –


A job to do is fix the fence that blew over and broke in the bad weather we had –


This is my firewood rack and fire pit –



I have also bought myself one of those cheap tomato houses, to get me started on them this year –


Here are a few pictures of my established plants –





Here is the start I have made on my shed, its a custom build and may take a while to complete, all though I have got a few plans for it –


Some of the seedlings in the greenhouse –



Here are the 50p fruit bushes that I bought from B&M Bargains, They were dead but hopefully are just dormant-


And finally a friend I was watching in the garden before I went out –


I was watching him for a good half hour trying to get of the block.

Tomorrow my day is going to consist of re-potting the current plants, I am also going to get some cuttings from some of the bushes I have and I may have a fig cutting lined up.

The Current To-Do List

I will try and keep up to date with this to-do list and try to refresh it every weekend.

So far left to do –

  • Finish designs for the shed.
  • Finish designs for the garden layout.
  • Re-pot all current plants.
  • Put the greenhouse in a sunny spot.
  • Get a list of full names of the plants I bought.

The current shed designs are in Prototype 1 stage. I will hopefully post them after stage 2 or 3.

The new blog

So hello everyone and welcome to – The Muddy Gardener. Here i will be giving you hints and tips for growing in the garden, as well as other general gardening advice. I will also be posting weekly whats been happening in my garden.

I hope that you will enjoy reading about what I do, as well as look at the pictures and find everything usefull here.